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Test Results

You can view your test results online using NHS App or Patient Access. Please login or register below. Alternatively, you can contact the practice on 0208 319 5400 to enquire about your results.

We only contact patients regarding abnormal results and if it requires treatment or further investigation, therefore it is your responsibility to check them and make any necessary follow-up appointment with the clinician.

Adults’ results will not be given to anyone other than the patient, except in exceptional circumstances.

Please note Test Results can take up to two weeks to be processed.
Once test results are received by the Practice, they will be reviewed and signed off by the clinician.

Tests requested by Hospitals or community clinics

If your test has been carried out at a community clinic or hospital please call the clinic or hospital directly. We cannot action tests that have been requested by other clinicians outside the practice. If the consultant’s secretary or colleague inform you they will send the results to your GP, explain that you want the results from the specialist who arranged them, who is the best person to give appropriate advice.

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