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Pneumococcal Vaccine

The pneumococcal vaccine helps protect against serious illnesses like pneumonia and meningitis. It’s recommended for people at higher risk of these illnesses, such as babies and adults aged 65 and over.

What the pneumococcal vaccine is for

The pneumococcal vaccine helps protect against some types of bacterial infections that can cause serious illnesses like:

  • meningitis (an infection in the brain and spinal cord)
  • sepsis (a life-threatening reaction to an infection)
  • pneumonia (an infection in the lungs)

It can also help protect against other illnesses such as sinusitis and ear infections.

Who should have the pneumococcal vaccine

The pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for babies, older people, and people at higher risk of getting seriously ill from pneumococcal infections.

Who should have itHow many doses
Babies1st dose at 12 weeks and a booster dose at 1 year
People aged 65 and over1 dose when you’re 65
Children and adults at higher risk of getting seriously illAt least 1 dose (some people may need extra doses or regular doses)

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