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MMR Catchup Campaign 2024

NHS launches catch up campaign for missed MMR vaccines in February 2024

Notifications will be sent to parents FROM NHS ENGLAND on the 5th February 2024 – MMR vaccinations for un- or under-vaccinated children aged 6-11 and 11-16

Notifications will be sent to parents FROM NHS ENGLAND on the  19th February 2024 -Un- or under-vaccinated young adults aged 16-25

Millions of parents and carers in England are being urged to book their children in for their missed measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine as part of a major new NHS drive to protect children from becoming seriously unwell, as measles cases continue to rise across the country.

The NHS campaign will see all parents of children aged from six to 11 years contacted encouraging them to make an appointment with their child’s GP practice for their missed MMR vaccine.

NHS figures show more than 3.4 million* children under the age of 16 years are either unprotected or not fully protected and at risk of catching these serious and completely preventable diseases.

Last year the NHS sent two million, texts, emails and letters to parents and carers of 1-5 year olds who were unvaccinated and thanks to those efforts, 165,000 doses of MMR vaccine were delivered.

The NHS campaign will target areas with low uptake of the vaccine with the health service contacting just over one million people aged 11 to 25 years-old in London and the West Midlands to invite them to catch up on their missed MMR vaccinations.

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