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Patient Participation Group Survey

Patient Participation Group Survey
Your doctor’s surgery (Valentine Health Partnership at Ferryview and Holburne Road) has a group of patients who advise Valentines on how they can improve things for patients. It’s called the Patient Participation Group and the members are sending you this questionnaire. The group is independent of the Practice and monitors and advises on the service. In the past we have surveyed patients in the waiting rooms but that hasn’t been possible since the pandemic. Will you help us by filling in this survey. You can fill it in anonymously. However, if you’d like to continue to be involved in patient participation or you ask any questions, let us know your email address/phone number and your name at the end and we will respond or ask Valentines to respond. Many thanks, Valentine’s Patient Participation Group
Since the first lockdown, in March 2020, have you had a consultation with a doctor, nurse or other health professional from Valentines, either remote (e.g. on the phone), face to face or in some other way?
What kind of consultation(s) have you had? Since the first lockdown our health professionals have held remote consultations where appropriate. This reduces the risk of infection to patients and health professionals. If you had both remote and face-to-face consultations, tick both boxes
Who was it/they with? Tick more than one box if necessary.
If you had a remote consultation what is your overall view?
If you had a face-to-face consultation what is your overall view?
If you had the reasons below for wanting a consultation, please choose which kind of consultation you would prefer.
Cough or Flu
Medication review (if you take medication regularly, e.g for your heart, diabetes etc)
Baby seems unwell
Need to be signed off
A cut that won’t heal
A worrying lump
What kind of appointment would you prefer? Imagine you have had a stomach upset for several days. Which of these appointment would suit you?
If you are having a remote consultation, can you examine yourself in any of the following ways? (in the brackets are some ways some patients use to get that information.)
Take your temperature (thermometer)
Do a Covid lateral flow test (home test kit)
Photograph a rash and share it (smartphone)
Take your blood pressure (home testing machine or at pharmacy)
Take your pulse (manually or with fitbit or many smart watches)
Take an ECG (some Apple watches)
Do a blood sugar pin-prick test (home test kit)
% of oxygen in your blood (pulse oximeter)
Valentine’s have recently updated their website. If you have time can you visit it and tell us what you think about it.
These questions use government categories. They help us make sure that different groups feel treated equally. If you’d prefer not to answer them, please leave them blank.
What is your age?
If you would like to continue to be involved in Patient Participation please tick any or all of the boxes below. All this consultation is designed to help Valentine Health Partnership/ Ferryview provide their patients with the best service they can.

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